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Visual Acuity

Visual acuity is the eye’s ability to detect fine details and is the quantitative measure of the eye’s ability to see an in-focus image at a certain distance. The standard definition of normal visual acuity (20/20 or 6/6 vision)


This is the process of obtaining the prescription that your eyes require to be able to see well.

External Examination / Slit-Lamp Examination

This is a close inspection of the anterior eye structure, including the eyelids, surrounding tissues and palpebral fissure, using a slit lamp.


This is an internal examination of the eye, directed at the retina, through the pupil, using an ophthalmoscope and volk lens.

Pupil Function

An examination of papillary function includes inspecting the pupils for equal size (1 mm or less of difference may be normal), regular shape, reactivity to light, and direct and consensual accommodation.

Ocular Motility

This examination tests for the ocular motility and should always be tested, especially if patients complain of double vision or there is suspect neurological disease.

Intraocular Pressure (Glaucoma Test):

This test is devised to measure the pressure IN the eye. Tonometry devices are used to measure the outflow of the aqueous humour from the eye.

Visual Field Test

This is the peripheral vision test. Each eye is tested separately to assess the extent of the peripheral field.